10 references to "plan":

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According as circumstances are favorable, one should modify ... ss. 1.17, Chapter 1: Laying Plans

Thus the highest form of generalship is to balk the enemy's ... ss. 3.3, Chapter 3: Attack by Stratagem

Though the enemy be stronger in numbers, we may prevent him ... ss. 6.22, Chapter 6: Weak Points and Strong

The stronger men will be in front, the jaded ones will fall ... ss. 7.8, Chapter 7: Maneuvering

Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when y... ss. 7.19, Chapter 7: Maneuvering

So, the student of war who is unversed in the art of war of ... ss. 8.6, Chapter 8: Variation in Tactics

Hence in the wise leader's plans, considerations of advantag... ss. 8.7, Chapter 8: Variation in Tactics

and devise unfathomable plans. ss. 11.22, Chapter 11: The Nine Situations

By altering his arrangements and changing his plans, ss. 11.37, Chapter 11: The Nine Situations

Hence the saying: The enlightened ruler lays his plans well ... ss. 12.16, Chapter 12: The Attack by Fire

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