8 references to "state":

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Sun Tzu said: The art of war is of vital importance to the S... ss. 1.1, Chapter 1: Laying Plans

Again, if the campaign is protracted, the resources of the S... ss. 2.3, Chapter 2: Waging War

Poverty of the State exchequer causes an army to be maintain... ss. 2.10, Chapter 2: Waging War

Now the general is the bulwark of the State; if the bulwark ... ss. 3.11, Chapter 3: Attack by Stratagem

Ground which forms the key to three contiguous states, ss. 11.6, Chapter 11: The Nine Situations

When a warlike prince attacks a powerful state, his generals... ss. 11.54, Chapter 11: The Nine Situations

Hence he does not strive to ally himself with all and sundry... ss. 11.55, Chapter 11: The Nine Situations

Sun Tzu said: Raising a host of a hundred thousand men and m... ss. 13.1, Chapter 13: The Use of Spies

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