8 references to "skillful":

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The skillful soldier does not raise a second levy, neither a... ss. 2.8, Chapter 2: Waging War

Therefore the skillful leader subdues the enemy's troops wit... ss. 3.6, Chapter 3: Attack by Stratagem

Hence the skillful fighter puts himself into a position whic... ss. 4.14, Chapter 4: Tactical Dispositions

Thus one who is skillful at keeping the enemy on the move ma... ss. 5.19, Chapter 5: Energy

Hence that general is skillful in attack whose opponent does... ss. 6.8, Chapter 6: Weak Points and Strong

Those who were called skillful leaders of old knew how to dr... ss. 11.15, Chapter 11: The Nine Situations

The skillful tactician may be likened to the SHUAI-JAN. Now... ss. 11.29, Chapter 11: The Nine Situations

Thus the skillful general conducts his army just as though h... ss. 11.34, Chapter 11: The Nine Situations

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