7 references to "conquer":

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The general that hearkens to my counsel and acts upon it, wi... ss. 1.15, Chapter 1: Laying Plans

Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not suprem... ss. 3.2, Chapter 3: Attack by Stratagem

Hence the saying: One may KNOW how to conquer without being ... ss. 4.4, Chapter 4: Tactical Dispositions

Neither is it the acme of excellence if you fight and conque... ss. 4.9, Chapter 4: Tactical Dispositions

All men can see the tactics whereby I conquer, but what none... ss. 6.27, Chapter 6: Weak Points and Strong

He will conquer who has learnt the artifice of deviation. ss. 7.22, Chapter 7: Maneuvering

Thus, what enables the wise sovereign and the good general t... ss. 13.4, Chapter 13: The Use of Spies

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