7 references to "heaven":

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These are: (1) The Moral Law; (2) Heaven; (3) Earth; (4) The... ss. 1.4, Chapter 1: Laying Plans

HEAVEN signifies night and day, cold and heat, times and sea... ss. 1.7, Chapter 1: Laying Plans

(3) With whom lie the advantages derived from Heaven and Ear... ss. 1.13, Chapter 1: Laying Plans

he who is skilled in attack flashes forth from the topmost h... ss. 4.7, Chapter 4: Tactical Dispositions

Indirect tactics, efficiently applied, are inexhaustible as ... ss. 5.6, Chapter 5: Energy

He who can modify his tactics in relation to his opponent an... ss. 6.33, Chapter 6: Weak Points and Strong

Hence the saying: If you know the enemy and know yourself, y... ss. 10.31, Chapter 10: Terrain

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