13 references to "great":

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EARTH comprises distances, great and small; danger and secur... ss. 1.8, Chapter 1: Laying Plans

In war, then, let your great object be victory, not lengthy ... ss. 2.19, Chapter 2: Waging War

To lift an autumn hair is no sign of great strength; ss. 4.10, Chapter 4: Tactical Dispositions

An army may march great distances without distress, if it ma... ss. 6.6, Chapter 6: Weak Points and Strong

If the enemy's troops march up angrily and remain facing our... ss. 9.39, Chapter 9: The Army on the March

(4) narrow passes; (5) precipitous heights; (6) positions at... ss. 10.1, Chapter 10: Terrain

If you are situated at a great distance from the enemy, and ... ss. 10.12, Chapter 10: Terrain

but a power of estimating the adversary, of controlling the ... ss. 10.21, Chapter 10: Terrain

When he has penetrated into hostile territory, but to no gre... ss. 11.3, Chapter 11: The Nine Situations

Ground the possession of which imports great advantage to ei... ss. 11.4, Chapter 11: The Nine Situations

If asked how to cope with a great host of the enemy in order... ss. 11.18, Chapter 11: The Nine Situations

Sun Tzu said: Raising a host of a hundred thousand men and m... ss. 13.1, Chapter 13: The Use of Spies

Hence it is only the enlightened ruler and the wise general ... ss. 13.27, Chapter 13: The Use of Spies

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